• All the screens that we replace includes the top glass (called the digitizer) which is what allows you to touch, LCD screen which is what allows you to see and the backlight. Generally a repair can take us from 15-20 min max.

  • If your phone is not allowing you to touch but you can see your notifications, than your digitizer (top glass) needs replacement.

  • If you are not able to see anything but can still here your notifications than your LCD screen needs replacement. In addition, if you have lines or dots on your screen than it is also your LCD screen. 

  • Be any of those three issues occurring individually or all together we still replace all three pieces, to assure our customers the best satisfaction.  

  • *** Be extra causes when getting your phone repaired due to some stores offering only glass repair. Replacing only the glass can cause many problems with not just your LCD or digitizer, but also the phone as a whole, which is why we don't perform nor recommend only glass repairs. 


  • Did you drop you phone in water? Well you definitely came to the right place, we can fix almost any iPhone that has been water damaged. But try to bring it in as soon as possible, the sooner you bring it in the more likely we will be able to save your phone.

  • If you cannot bring your phone in right away, than the best thing to do until then would be to 

    • First, turn off your phone right away​

    • Second, use a hair dryer to dry it out as much as possible, but do not leave the hair dryer in the same place for more than 10 seconds otherwise you can burn your phone. 

    • Third, even if you think it is dry, still do not turn it on until you bring to us, so we can assure you a full restoration


  • We can replace charging ports, if your phone is not charging

  • We can replace ear speakers if you cannot hear anyone, when your phone is not on speaker

  • We can replace loud speakers if you cannot hear anyone, while your phone is on speaker

  • We can replace almost any part, if you're not sure, bring it over or send it out to us and we will definitely take a look at it, and give you an accurate diagnoses of what is going along with what needs to be replaced.

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